Barbara Jean Lindsey is a professional psychic and spiritual healer giving thousands of readings and spiritual healings during her world travels over a twenty-five year professional career. She is a published author and an international inspirational speaker.  Being a world traveler, she leads her annual tours to the world's most sacred spots for healing and transformation.   She is an International Seminar Trainer, Certified Fire Walking Instructor, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Qui Gong Medical Practitioner, Level II Reiki Initiate, 25 Year Ordained Spiritual Minister, Certified Hospice Caregiver and a Sister of Avalon.

In 1989, Barbara Jean had an extraordinary Near-Death-Experience; after full-body channeling an ancient Egyptian being, her lungs collapsed, killing her in front of a live audience. Over the next few days she fought for her life (on the physical plane, spiritual plane and beyond). Barbara Jean's story, journey and transformation are chronicled in her autobiography, "Dying for the Light." 

Barbara Jean was the Founder and Director of “Casa Del Sol” Spiritual Retreat Center in Santa Cruz California for over 8 years. For over 15 years she has sponsored and continues to facilitate the annual “Heart of the Cosmic Woman Conference,” a gathering of women that empowers, inspires and heals women through celebrating the Goddess. Barbara Jean  co-owned the infamous “Integratron,” from 2000 – 2005, where she led tours and spiritual retreats.  

Founder & Dean of Esoteric University: An Online mystery School.

Barbara Jean will be leading a tour to Glastonbury England August 2019 with a private tour and ceremony in Stonehenge & a visit to Crop Circles with an amazing itinerary - please email us below to receive information or call/text (818) 688-1398

No Experience Necessary

The Cosmic Oracle Show Airs Every Friday and Is On It's 4th Consecutive Year

Barbara Jean hosts the weekly

“Cosmic Oracle Show”  Just click the cassette tape image to play in Studio B

Every Friday in Studio B 

8:00PM EDT - 10:00PM PDT New York

5:00PM PDT to 7:00PM PDT Los Angeles   

Where listeners who have experienced something beyond themselves; from the Extra-Terrestrial (UFO and ETS) to the Spiritual (OBE's and Altered States) can call in and share their stories. 

Barbara Jean gives free psychic readings to callers and interviews profound guests, expands and uplifts consciousness. 


Interviews with leading edge UFO/ET researchers, authors and Contactees.


Barbara Jean  will be a guest speaker and presenting at:

February 20-23rd 2020  in South San Francisco

Barbara Jean will be hosting her Cosmic Cafe's  and presenting as a guest speaker at:

May 29th thru June 1st 2020 at Indian Wells CA

Barbara Jean Lindsey hosts the Cosmic Café Experiencer’s Gathering for the fifth year where contactees can share their extraordinary stories publicly in a respectful and honored space.

The “The Cosmic Cafe Experiencer’s Gathering,” is a collaborative space to share personal extraordinary stories from paranormal contact with non-human intelligence and UFO sightings to Out-of-Body Experiences and Altered States. An enlightening event for all who attend through open discussion, camaraderie and acceptance, as we connect, dispel fear and expand our consciousness. 

Barbara Jean will be teaching a workshop at:

The Psychic Sasquatch Retreat

September 3rd thru 7th, 2020

Chewelah Peak learning  Center

Chewelah, WA


Barbara Jean published a new book on  

A collaboration of contemporary stories titled, "Seized by Sekhmet," An Egyptian Goddess Revolution." 

"EXPERIENCERS CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES" - EDITOR JANET KIRA LESSIN book published as a collaboration of various contactees and experiencers. featuring a story by Barbara Jean, "THE SOUTHPOINT UFO EXPERIENCE."   


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 Heart of the Cosmic Woman Fire Walk


After her near death experience, Barbara Jean's psychic ability turned on  and she re-dedicated her life to serving humanity by giving psychic readings, spiritual healing and telling her NDE story.

Barbara Jean gives in-depth psychic readings on career, life path, relationship, past life, future, prosperity or whatever  is holding a person back or  causing pain or suffering.  A one-hour consultation can help shine some light into darkness. Barbara Jean has 3 grown adult children and 3 grandchildren, ran several successful business in the past, She has profound spiritual wisdom with practical  daily application to offer. 

Whether it is a spiritual break thru that you are looking for or need a boost to get your creative juices flowing again, 

Feel free to call to talk with Barbara Jean to see if a consultation feels right for you  and to reserve an appointment.

Consultation by email:

Consultations are over the phone and  Skype - US Pacific Standard Time and in person.


 $200  for  60 Minutes (1Hr)

PayPal & Venmo Accepted 

Limited spaces available per week

Please book early to assure a convenient time. 

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” –Ralph Waldo  Emerson

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